Mark Kalesniko


I was born and raised in Trail, British Columbia, Canada and started my art career at David Thompson University Center in Nelson, B.C. In 1981, I relocated to California to study at the California Institute of the Arts. After recieving a B.F.A. in Character Animation, I worked in the animation industry as a layout artist. In the 1990's, I branched out professionally into adult-themed comics and graphic novels. My first,"Adolf Hears A Who" (1991), an eight page story was published by Fantagraphics Books in the anthology Pictopia. Fantagraphics later published S.O.S.(1992), Alex(1994),Why Did Pete Duel Kill Himself(1997), and Mail Order Bride(2001). Alex, Pete Duel and Mail Order Bride were also published in French language editions by Paquet Editions and Mail Order Bride was published in a Spanish language edition by Ponet Mon and serialized in Korean for Poptoon. My latest book is Freeway.

Selected Works

Short Stories
A new 32 page Alex story. The fear of leaving home.
A 40 page Alex story. Alex's worst fear just crawled in.
Not all casualities ended when the war stopped.
A three page Alex story.
Graphic Novels
While stuck in a traffic jam, Alex Kalienka daydreams about his live, his past and his fantasies. "Freeway will inevitably place high on many critic's year's best lists." --The Miami Herald "The book's subject matter is dishy, the design is bright, and Kalesniko has a flair for slapstick-y visual gags." --The Onion AV Club
"Kalesniko doesn't mince words as he explores issues of race, morality, passion, and identity."
--The Arizona Republic

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